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About Vet-needs Group

Vet-needs Group started business activity in 1994 with an objective to contribute to the improvement of Animal Healthcare in India through innovative products. Today we are very happy that we have outgrown this objective and are recognized as a reputed pharmaceutical company from India.

Vet-needs Group today consists of Vet-needs and Vet-needs Labs, with own sophisticated manufacturing facilities. While Vet-needs manufacturer animal and poultry feed supplements, Vet-needs Lab is in the business of Healthcare products for livestock and poultry.

Inspired by innovations, Vet-needs today has a very strong market segment in poultry and livestock with products like CEPROSTIN PLUS, SPRINT GROW , HEPATOLIV, IMMUNOL, OXYCIN, GERMEX and TOXIDEL. Products of Vetneeds Labs like CIPROVET, ENROVET, VETMISOLE, VETCOXY-K and VETTRIM are well accepted in the market.

Our business associates and marketing personal are strategically placed in key locations across India. We have a commitment to ourselves to develop innovative products for Animal Healthcare most economically and under strict quality control, to keep Veterinary Institutions, Veterinarians, Hatcheries, Feed Millers, Animal farmers and our Stockiest informed about our inhouse Research and Development results.